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Has your skin lost its natural glow? Does it feel saturated and is it prone to break-outs? Back to the basics – deep cleansing, detoxing and oxigenation – with our “Clear Skin” Facial, every once in a while, is the solution.

An inadequate diet, unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol, lack of rest, stress, too much sun bathing, pollution…are factors that interfere with our skin’s health and beauty, giving it an atonic look with a lack of natural glow and asfixiating it with dilated and clogged pores as a result. The key is to deep cleanse, detox and oxigenate. Important:
1. To use non-chemical ecological products in order not to further asfixiate!
2. To declog making extractions when necessary.
3. To apply efficient manual techniques such as facial lymphatic drainage to detox and a circulatory, stimulating massage to promote oxygenation.
At home we recommend that you use a peeling and a clay based mask once a week, preferably ecological. Any treatment or product you use on clean, non-toxic and oxygenated skin will be so much more efficient. Back to basics! Kiara Kare uses 100% non-chemical ecological products without parabens, tensoactives, silocones, saturated fats and artificial additives.

More information: Kiara Kare® at Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid: +34915871234.

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