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Are you familiar with Slow Fitness? Slow Fitness is a training method where it is equally important to work the excentric muscular phase (returning to the starting point) as the concentric phase, without any pauses in between repetitions, and very slowly! The objective is to strengthen and increase your muscle volume fast and with short and few workouts. Slow Fitness is the ideal method for those who have very tight agendas, as once a week would be enough! If you have more time, but you still want your workouts to be as intense and short as possible, you could combine Slow Fitness sessions with the fast speed and explosive Tabata. Alone or combined, the results are excellent both in your physical form as esthetically. It would be advisable to do your Slow Fitness workout with a Personal Trainer, given the importance of being technically precise in order to obtain great results. And to reach your limit faster in a safe way, optimizing your time and workout.

For more information or appointments: Kiara Kare® at the Hotel Villa Magna +34915871234.

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