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Kiara Kare® has tested Puré Luxe champo & condiciones by Intelligent Nutrients, two extremely nourishing products with rich emollients that help rebuild from the inside out, soften and smoothe the cuticle and help balance oil for a healthy scalp.  One of their strengths is that they are SULFATE-FREE! Most shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates, to give them a creamy and foamy character; unfortunately sulfates can dry out your hair and skin. Sulfate-free formulas are much milder and do not strip the natural oils out of your skin. On top of this, these particular products have the USDA seal, which is awarded to products whose total contents are 100% certified organic, 95%  certified organic where the remaining 5%   of contents do not pose any known risk to health or environment. Using these products will give you healthier hair and a cleaner planet.

We give Pure Luxe by Intelligent Nutrients 10 out of 10 points!

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