we use unique tools to develop solutions for  projects in the beauty & wellness industry


Companies that offer beauty and wellness services and those starting up in the industry, would greatly benefit from an evaluation of their activities. Guidance from Kiara Kare® experts ensures that businesses remain competitive in today’s marketplace so they can meet or exceed their business goals and objectives.

Kiara Kare® provides unique consulting services with innovative tools to develop and implement solutions, fast and efficiently.

Annelie Isabelle Denaro-Jorgensen is a truly cosmopolitan woman who was born in Denmark and has lived all over the world. She understands the characteristics of different cultures, knowing how to adapt solutions to each unique geographic location.

Her experience in the beauty and wellness industry, along with her continuous training and education in all of its areas, qualifies her to successfully fulfill any project proposed. She leverages her extensive experience and insight to determine which ideas are feasible and will become profitable.

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