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Notes on Spa Management/Consulting: THE GREETING.
The aromas, the textures, the manual techniques, the therapist’s energy, the ambience, the lighting, the music, the silence… are all important factors for a luxury spa experience. However we must not forget that the spa experience starts with the very first contact the client has with the spa and its personnel. Whether it is by telephone or in person, THE FIRST GREETING must be:
1. Friendly and welcoming: with a smile and with soft eye contact, transmitting that we are very glad to see the client. Very important to shake the client’s hand, as this really breaks the ice, which is so important for the experience! All of this can perfectly well be done by telephone also; it’s a matter of communication and attitude. To begin with, smiling when speaking with someone on the phone really takes you far!
2. Polite and service-minded: applying adequate language, using the client’s name (Mr/Mrs/Ms…) in a natural way, opening doors, being at the client’s service and disposal at all times, giving the client options, making the client feel that he/she is important and that we will do all that is in our hands to comply with his/her wishes and expectations.
3. Professional: knowing all you need to know about the spa, the treatments, the protocol, transmitting all the necessary information and making the client feel comfortable and confident in you and thereby in the spa services.
4. Relaxing: Taking the client to a relaxed dimension instantly by lowering your voice and giving it a soft and relaxed character. Transmitting balance and peacefulness.
Kiara Kare draws up a precise protocole for the greeting and helps implement it through role plays, making the spa team comfortable with the procedures and helping it to perform them in a natural way.

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