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Kiara Kare® is preoccupied with our health as well as our environment. This is why we have chosen essential oils that are 100% ecological for our massages, treatments and baths. We know from our experience that our oils are well tolerated by people who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity; that is how pure they are, totally free of chemicals! When it comes to essential oils, this is an important fact, since their molecular structure is so small and their molecular weight so light that they have the capacity to penetrate the epidermis very easily, thus reaching the blood stream immediately. They are also one of the only substances that can actually cross the blood brain barrier, making them very efficient therapeutically. This is why they must be 100% ecological. In future posts we will be recommending essential oils for different therapeutic purposes, so stay tuned. For more information, appointments or purchases contact Club Wellness by Kiara Kare® at Hotel Villa Magna. +34915871234.

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