we organize  Beauty & Wellness areas at  important international events


Thanks to our experience in luxury beauty & wellness areas and particularly with international artists, Kiara Kare® is the perfect choice for important international events in the music and film industry, where organizers request our services at the venues for the artists and VIPs. We arrange beauty and wellness areas at the venues, offering participants the opportunity to relax or perfect their image, making them feel fantastic, so they can be at their best during their performance or appearance. However, even more important is the fact that the areas we provide are crucial components of the infrastructure for attracting event sponsors from the beauty and wellness industry. Imagine what a powerful and direct publicity message is given when A-list participants try a particular cosmetics brand in an attractive setting designed by Kiara Kare® and receive a carefully composed goodie bag. Kiara Kare® leverages this brilliant strategy to join organizer and sponsor in a win-win venture while attracting ín-

ternational press and public interest in general. Just as remarkable, is our ability to move quickly in an industry that requires satisfying extreme demands in record time. We adapt 100% to the dynamics of the venue, and of course, we respect the organizer’s particular culture and the written and unwritten rules of behavior and conduct.

We also collaborate with luxury cosmetics brands, selecting, organizing and coordinating profesional team for their presentations and events. At important weddings, we create beauty and wellness corners,  carrying out all beauty-, hairstyling- and make-up services.

Anne Denaro-Jorgensen is involved with each and every one of Kiara Kare®’s activities, as is her exquisite taste and her strive for excellence.




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